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DIPL took over responsibility for this project in Alice Springs in September 2015 due to problems in regards to compliance, certification and superintendence. The contract was discharged by mutual agreement between Principal and Contractor.

In October 2015, DoI engaged Terry Burns of BTO to undertake a dilapidation survey and restart the project and construction manage it to successful complying completion. Since then, Terry has been an on-site representative, assessing and certifying the project works.

BTO has been keeping a close eye on the quality performance of contractor and subcontractors over a series of contract packages, and has been managing the lot registers to ensure all of the required QA has been delivered as the project has been progressing.

Ilpeye Ilpeye Subdivision

Ilpeye Ilpeye Subdivision, Alice Springs
Project Management / Superintendence 
2015 to Present

We have been assessing monthly progress claims as well as any variations that are submitted. This project provided many challenges as when BTO commenced the project, the subdivision was only part complete, but there was no quality control documents available to determine if the parts that had been constructed were correct. Through a thorough survey and desktop analysis of the existing services BTO were able to determine which items were suitable to retain and which items needed to be fixed to ensure the government and eventual owner of the sub division, the Alice Springs Town Council would receive a quality product constructed to the approved design drawings and specification.

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