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2013 to 2014

Over the final 12 months of the contracted first 5 years’ period of operation of the IETP by the Design Build Operate (DBO) Contractor Samsung, we were brought back by the Project Company to manage the handback process and ensure all its obligations with regard to the condition of the asset and the operations under the Concession Agreement were met in order that handback of the facility to the owner ZonesCorp was achieved by the 5 year date.

Water Treatment Plant

Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant, Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD)
Industrial Waste Treatment Services LLC (a Macquarie project company)
2008 to 2009

Construction Management on final 6 months of construction of a USD 50 million dollar Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant (IETP) capable of treating 40,000m3 of waste per day to ensure the project, which was 2 months behind schedule and deteriorating, was turned around and ultimately closed out on time and on budget.

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